Terms and Conditions

General Terms of Use apply to all services provided by " Be Beep" LLC with its official headquarters at Studentska bb, 81000, Podgorica, Montenegro.

Be Beep owns and operates the website www. be beep.me

1.1 Acceptance of conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all types of use of the Site. By using the Site, the Member accepts the Terms in its entirety, even if he does not open a User Account.

Access to the Services will not be possible if the Terms are not accepted in total. Members are not entitled to accept only part of the Terms. All Members accept that their personal data is processed in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Policy.

The contract for the provision of transport sharing services is between the Driver and the Passenger and BeBeep is not a contracting party to these arrangements or contracts between them.

In the event that the Member does not respect any of the established Terms, Be Beep reserves the right to withdraw that Member's User Account and to suspend or deny all Services to that Client without prior notice.

The purpose of these Terms is to create binding rights and obligations between the Members.

1.2 Responsibility Be Beep

Neither Be Beep nor the Site provide transport services. The Site is a communication platform for Members in order to agree with each other. Be Beep has nothing to do with Travel, Destinations or hourly rates that are being contracted. A joint travel agreement is made between the Driver and the Passenger. Be Beep is not a party to any agreement or transaction between the Members, i Be Beep is not responsible for any situation that may arise in connection with bookings between Members. Be Beep does not act nor will act as the representative of any Member.

Be beep.me not responsible for any traffic accidents or traffic accidents.

Be beep.me not responsible for any disputes or incident situations that may arise on the route of the driver passenger as well as between the driver/passenger and third parties.

Any breach of these Terms entails the immediate suspension of the Member's User Account and that Member may be prevented from further access to all Services.

1.3 Modification of Terms, Site and Services

Be Beep reserves the right to amend the Terms at any time. In addition, Be Beep may at any time amend or fill in the Terms provided by the Site, the functionality of the Site and/or “appearance and Experience “of the Site without prior notice and assumes no liability to the Members for the consequences of such amendments or additions.

Any changes to the Site, Services or Terms will take effect as soon as they are published on the Site.

By using any Service offered through the Site following the publication of the amended Terms, Members automatically accept all amended Terms. Changes apply to reservations made prior to publication of the amended Terms.

Use of services

2.1 User account and data accuracy

In order to use the Services, each Member must create a User Account and agree to any personal information requested by Be Beep. Members are specifically required to provide their personal name, surname, age, vocation, valid telephone number and e-mail address i.e. e-mail. The site can only be used by persons who are over 18 years of age at the time of registration.

Members agree and accept that all data they provide to Be Beep at the time of opening their User Account and at any other time be credible, complete and accurate in every way. Members also agree that any information provided by the Be Beep or posted on the Site in connection with any Driving, Vehicle or Joint by traveling be credible, accurate and complete.

Be Beep will not be responsible in the event that any information provided by a Member (including, in order to avoid all doubts, either which Article) incomplete, incorrect, misleading or false.

Unless otherwise agreed with Be Beep, Members are entitled to only one User Account. No one can open a User account on behalf of another person or to represent themselves as another person.

Any violation of these Terms entails the immediate suspension of the Member's User Account and that Member may be prevented from further access to all Services.

2.2 Non-commercial activity and of Be Beep-a

The Site and the Services are strictly limited to providing the Service to Drivers and Passengers for joint travel in private arrangement. The Services cannot be used to make and accept offers for joint travel for profit or in any commercial or professional context.

Drivers cannot make a profit from any Trip. Service and Cost Participation can only be used to cover the costs incurred by the Driver and cannot be used to make the Driver any profit. The driver is not entitled to make a profit based on the amount of Participation in expenses, the type of Trip offered by the Driver, the frequency of those Trips or the number of Passengers he is transporting. This applies to all activities, arrangements and Services booked through the Site and for any additional services or activities that may be arranged by the Driver and the Traveler.

Accordingly, Be Beep may temporarily or permanently close the account of any Member who uses a professional (renting a vehicle with driver, taxi, etc.), official or service vehicle bearing in mind that the Member would thus make a profit through the services offered by our Platform. In case of doubt, Be Beep may ask the Driver to provide a copy of his vehicle registration document or any other document that proves that the Driver has the right to offer transport by a given vehicle on our platform and that it does not generate any profit.

The Driver can not provide additional services to any Passenger for profit or profit (such as the Passenger may not accept or request any service of this kind) including, without limitation, delivery of packages, waiting, additional stops for exit or entry and collection of additional passengers ( except Passengers).

All Travel, departure points and destinations must be agreed in advance via the Site. Drivers are not allowed to pick up Passengers from any location that is not previously agreed with the Passenger through the Site.

We remind Members that using the Site for commercial or professional purposes may void the Driver's insurance. Be Beep's liability is limited in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, and Be Beep is in particular not responsible for any breach of any agreement between the Members or for breach of these Terms by a Member, including if any Driver (contrary to these terms) offers the Services through the Site in a professional or commercial arrangement (thereby invalidating their insurance). Members must be cautious and must ensure that services are not provided on a commercial basis.

2.3 Types of reservations and payment

Be Beep offers its Members a reservation service (hereinafter referred to as the “Booking Service”), with the aim of facilitating the reservation of places for seating by Passengers. However, to the extent permitted by applicable law, nothing in these Terms imposes any responsibility Be Beep under any Members should any of those risks occur.

The reservation service is reserved for the Rides described below (hereinafter referred to as “Qualifying rides”), a term that covers the section, where applicable in accordance with the following paragraphs):

A one-time ride for which a separate advertisement is made on the Internet site and consisting of an ad hoc trip that occurs only once on a specific date and at a certain time for a given starting and destination point; and

Which is not cross-border.

The Service Provider reserves the right to limit the number and/or class of Members eligible for the Booking Service for any Qualifying Ride.

The Driver provides details of his or her Qualifying Driving on the Site, specifying the date and time for the starting and destination point, the amount of Participation in Costs per seating position and all other relevant travel conditions.

Passenger reserves one or more seats in the vehicle for that Qualification ride by clicking on the “Book” button (hereinafter referred to as “Reservation”).

Be Beep will then send an email confirmation to each Driver and Passenger confirming the Reservation (hereinafter referred to as “Booking Confirmation”). When the Reservation Confirmation is sent, the Reservation is completed and a special binding contract for the sharing of transport relating to the Qualifying Ride is drawn up between the Driver and the Passenger.

Given the nature of the service and the fact that it is free of charge, Members accept that Drivers and Passengers will not contact Be Beep either for what types of transactions including those related to cancellation, last-minute modifications, non-appearance of the Driver or Passenger or non-payment of the Participation in Costs. The driver is particularly responsible for the payment of participation from the Passenger at the time of the Trip.

Be Beep will not contact either party and will not take any steps regarding the booking organization. The service is organized by Drivers and Passengers.

Please do not forget that Be Beep reserves the right to modify any aspect of the Site or its Services which may include the addition of new services (which may be charged) or cancellation of some services.

Reservation is personal for Driver and Passenger. The identity of the Driver and Passenger must be the same as the identity each of them gave to the Be Beep. The Member has the right to cancel the Driving if the identity of the Driver or Passenger is not the same as the identity given on the Site.

Driver undertakes to Be Beep and the Passenger (Passenger) to perform the Driving for which he or she has advertised on the Site and to share with them on the agreed date, time and place. The Driver also undertakes to Be Beep and the Passenger(s) to ensure that his or her Vehicle has a seating capacity that is advertised and for which Reservations have been made.

2.4 Obligations of the Driver and Passenger

Passenger obligations

The passenger agrees to the following:

Passenger will arrive at the agreed time and to the agreed place in accordance with the agreement with the Driver;

Passenger shall immediately notify the Driver or Be Beep if he has to cancel the Trip;

The passenger will at all times observe the Charter of Good Behaviour and comply with all the rules on the roads and laws of the countries in which he drives, and drive safely.

The Passenger agrees to pay the Driver Participation in the costs.

If the Passenger or Driver fails to comply with any of these terms or any other Conditions, Be Beep reserves the right to retain information regarding in violation of that obligation, to publish or disclose it on the Member's online profile and to suspend or terminate access to the Site to that Member.

Driver's obligations

The driver agrees with the following:

The driver will appear at the agreed time and at the agreed place with the specified vehicle;

The Driver shall immediately notify all Passengers of any changes to the Trip. If one or more Passengers have made reservations and the Driver decides to modify the Trip in any way, the Driver undertakes to contact all Passengers who have made reservations in connection with that Trip in order to obtain the consent of all Passengers regarding the modification. If a Passenger refuses to agree to the change, he has the right to refund the full amount and without obligation to pay any compensation to the Driver;

The driver must wait for the Passenger at the point of departure at least 30 minutes after the agreed time (however, the Passenger is expected to be correct).

2.5 Insurance

The driver agrees and undertakes to take out and maintain insurance to cover the Trip and any trip offered or booked through the Site (including, in order to avoid all doubts, insurance to cover all international and overseas parts of the Trip). At the request of the Passenger, the driver agrees to provide proof of the validity of his insurance policy before the Trip. The driver also undertakes to possess a valid driver's license and to be the owner of the vehicle or to have the right to use the vehicle as well as that the vehicle has a valid certificate of technical validity, and the Passenger has the right to request proof of insurance Driver, vehicle registration document, driver's license and certificate of technical vehicle serviceability at any time after the end of the trip.

According to the findings of Be Beep, most insurers stand on the view that a Passenger who participates only in travel expenses is treated as if travels free of charge, and the passenger is therefore a third party covered by compulsory liability insurance towards third parties in Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

However, Be Beep does not provide any warranties or surety in this regard and therefore it is the responsibility of the Driver to verify that his insurance provides proper coverage.

Each Driver and Passenger is responsible for obtaining confirmation that the Driver has valid insurance. The driver must confirm that his policy allows him to transport passengers and covers all Passengers and any trouble or accidents that may occur during the Trip.

Driver and Passenger are aware that standard non-commercial insurance policies may refuse to cover the loss or damage incurred in the event that the Driver has made or tried to make some profit.

The driver must not take money from the Passenger except for Participation in expenses and the Driver shall in no case make a profit.

Therefore, the Driver undertakes to calculate his expenses (fuel, toll, maintenance, repairs, certificate of technical serviceability of the vehicle, depreciation and insurance of the vehicle) and guarantees that the total amount of Participation in the costs he asks of his Passengers does not bring him any profit.

If the Driver makes a profit or if the insurer does not recognize or discard to accept any claim arising during the Trip for any other reason, the Driver a Be Beep shall in no case be responsible towards Driver or Passenger for financial consequences, losses and damages incurred.

Be Beep reserves the right to immediately suspend the user account, as well as the money displayed, and to notify of any professional activity, competent authorities.

2.6 Settlement of disputes between Members

Be Beep will provide its Members with an online dispute resolution service. This service is not binding. Be Beep has no obligation to attempt to resolve disputes. Be Beep offers this service at its sole discretion and can withdraw it at any time.

If any dispute is not resolved, Be Beep reserves the right to withhold any amount paid by the Passenger until an agreement is reached between the Passenger and the Driver or until a final court decision has been made.

2.7 Phone number confirmation

For the purpose of creating and increasing confidence, preventing typos and wrong numbers, each Member can confirm their mobile phone number by sending Be Beep their mobile phone number after which they will receive an SMS with a 4-digit code that can be verified on the Site.

The service is free of charge, except for the possible cost incurred by the Member's mobile phone operator for receiving SMS.

2.8 International Travel and International Booking

Reservations for international Travel can also be made through the Site. International travel means any Journey involving travel beyond the border of the home country. If a reservation is made for International Trip, the Driver must ensure that his insurance covers travel outside the borders of the home country. In addition, the Driver must ensure that his vehicle complies with all relevant regulations and restrictions in force in a foreign country.

2.9 Messages between Members

Be Beep may view, scan and moderate messages that Members exchange with each other through the Site, especially in order to prevent fraud, for the purpose of supporting members, executing contracts concluded with members of Be Beep (such as the Terms) and ensure compliance applicable law. For example, to prevent bypassing its booking service, Be Beep can scan and analyze messages sent through platforms, to verify that they do not include any contact details or references to another website.

By using the Site and accepting the Terms, the Member agrees that Be Beep may, at its sole discretion, review, analyze and moderate messages which are exchanged through the Site.

The Member undertakes to send messages only in connection with the booking of vehicle sharing and in accordance with the purpose of this Site. The member undertakes to refrain from using messages for private or confidential communication.

Be Beep reserves the right to filter or delete messages and suspend or cancel the Member's User Account and Member's access to the Site, if during The moderation of messages sent by the Member determines that he/she does not comply with the Terms and/or applicable law.

3. Responsibility

Be Beep is not a party to any agreement between the Driver and the Passenger and is not responsible for any side unless the loss or damage is not caused by the negligence of Be Beep.

Be Beep will not be responsible for any loss or damage incurred as a result of:

any inaccurate or incomplete information provided by the Member;

cancellations of the Trip by Driver or Passenger

non-payment of Participation in expenses (for free service without reservation);

any fraud, misrepresentation or breach of duty or breach of any of these Terms by the Driver or Passenger before, during or after the Trip.

Be Beep shall not be responsible for any member regarding any business, financial or economic loss or any subsequent or indirect loss such as loss of reputation, loss of job, loss of profit, loss of expected savings or loss of opportunity, incurred as a result of services provided by Be Beep (whether suffered or made as a result of negligence or anything else by Be Beep) except in case of fraud, deliberate concealment or theft.

Nothing in this Agreement shall limit or exclude Be Beep's responsibility for death or material and immaterial damage caused by negligence Be Beep's. Since the Driver is required to have valid insurance to cover the Trip and that the Be Beep service is limited only to providing the possibility of contact i.e. connecting Driver and Passenger and cannot see any Trip, Members accept that the previously stated limitations of liability Be Beep's reasonable.

4. General Conditions

4.1 Suspending or terminating access to the Site

In the case that the Member does not comply with the Terms, in total or only some parts, the Member confirms and accepts that Be Beep may be at any time, without prior notifications, to terminate or suspend, temporarily or permanently, all services or part of the Services or your access to the Site (including User Accounts).

4.2 Intellectual property

The format and content of this Site is protected by copyright and Be Beep reserves all rights in relation to its copyright whether owned by us or licensed.

All rights regarding all registered and unregistered trademarks (whether owned by Be Beep or licensed) are reserved.

This website or any part thereof may not be reproduced, duplicated, copied, sold, resold, visited or otherwise exploited for any commercial purposes without express written consent Be Beep's. Neither party has the right to systematically extract and/or re-use parts of the Site content without the express written consent of Be Beep. In particular, it is strictly prohibited to use data mining, robots, or similar data collection or extraction tools to extract (at once or from multiple times) any significant parts of this Site.

4.3 Sitemap posted by Members

By posting content on this site, users expressly license Be Beep to post content and use it for any other business purposes of our company.

Users of this Site expressly undertake not to publish any defamatory, misleading or offensive content or content that violates any intellectual property rights of other persons (e.g. copyright). All such content contradicts the Be Beep policy and Be Beep accepts no responsibility in relation to such content. The user who places such content will be personally responsible for any damages or other responsibilities arising therefrom and exempts the Be Beep any responsibility that may arise as a result of that content. However, as soon as Be Beep notices any such content, it will do everything to remove it from the Site as soon as possible.

4.4 Affiliate sites

Be Beep reserves the right to reproduce any information appearing on the Site or on partner sites.

This is especially true for ads posted on one of the sites that Be Beep maintains independently or with someone, which can be played on other sites maintained by Be Beep, independently or with someone, or third parties.

5. Applicable law and jurisdiction

These conditions are governed by the laws of Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. All disputes arising in connection with these Terms are within the jurisdiction of the competent courts.